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NCSPU Kamskyi mathematical center began its work

           On October 1st, the NCSPU Kamskyi mathematical center held its first classes. The center has been established at the NCSPU together with “Shkolkovo”.

The Head of NCSPU KMC is Alexei Savvateev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, a well-known science communicator. 

The main goal of the center is the establishment of the unified educational environment which unites (on the basis of mathematics) the systems of higher, secondary and supplementary education; and also the cooperation development with the leading scientific and educational centers in Russia and in other countries. 

In 2021-2022, the NCSPU KMC brought together the schoolchildren of the middle school. The academic groups have been established at some schools of the city and at the university. The classes are given by the experienced teachers of mathematics, the best NCSPU students, and the NCSPU professors. Each group has three classes a week. The first class is given by a teacher offline, the second is an online workshop (to prepare the schoolchildren for Mathematics Olympiads) conducted by Dmitry Belov – a member of the jury of the All-Russia Olympiads), the third class is an online class with the teachers from “Shkolkovo” to check homework problems. 

The games, tournaments, and motivational competitions are also part of the program. The schoolchildren will compete with the participants of “Shkolkovo” from other cities. The best pupils will get an opportunity to participate in All-Russia mathematical tournaments. In the long run, the teams, representing the cities at Russian arena, will be formed.