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Putting into practice: Students of the Faculty of History conducted assessment surveys on the territory of Betki archeological complex

On October 9, the members of the archeological society “Antigua” conducted an assessment survey to Betki fortress which is located 18 kilometers from Naberezhnye Chelny.


A fourth-year student of the Faculty of History and Geography, a member of the archeological society Eugenyi Yarovikov told us what discoveries have been made by the students and what gives value to this archeological complex: 

On October 9th, 9 members of the archeological society under the leadership of Albert Nigamaev, NCSPU Associate Professor, visited the site. Initially, they examined the village located on the lower left bank of the river Biklan. The village was rather large: the cape of 25 meters high spans 1.5 km to Naberezhnye Chelny. Unfortunately, today, the country house plots are built on the territory of the cape. 

The members of the expedition examined the territory of the estimated location of the fortress, identified the inhabited places. According to the results of the survey, it was identified that the territory was suitable for the settlements thanks to the availability of the small river and 6-7 springs which was important for the Middle Ages. 

The aim of the survey was to identify the location of the Betki fortress alongside the examination of the cultural deposits to find the traces of the Bolgar settlements. Unfortunately, the density and anthropogenic changes didn’t give a chance to examine the cultural deposits. They managed to examine some cultural deposits up to 30-35 centimeters in a hole on one of the plots of land. The survey helped make up a plan of the follow-up work on this territory; it became necessary to collect topographical landmarks and early sketches of this territory with reference to contemporary topography.


The uniqueness of this ancient settlement consists in the fact that the landscape is very similar to the peculiarities of the landscape of Elevatornaya Gora. According to the written sources of XVII-XVIII, there was a Betki fortress built in 1656. Being the first fortress on this territory, it was a replica of the old Laish or Elabuga fortresses. It was from there that people could go by land from the Northern Urals to the South of Russia. Before everything else, the archeologists were interested in the early history of this territory.