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NCSPU professors celebrated their professional holiday to the beat of “Warsaw Melody”

Russian Drama Theatre “Masterovye” held a festive event for NCSPU professors. Interactive facilities were placed in the foyer of the theatre.

For example, in the mobile workshop of artistic forging you could create a souvenir within a few minutes.

Alfinur Galiakberova, NCSPU Rector congratulated the staff on their professional holiday:

“Dear colleagues! Teachers’ Day is a double holiday for us because we are the teachers of the teachers. We see grandiose tasks before us because teacher training education is now considered as a giant leap towards the future – a digital educational endeavor, and we should be the front liners.

Everyone is a Personality! Thank you so much for what you have! Thank you all for being ready to change, to evolve. I wish you kindness, prosperity, optimism!”

The best NCSPU staff were given awards in a solemn atmosphere.

Honorary certificates of Ministry of Education and Science were given to:

Gulchachak Ganeeva – Associate Professor, Department of Primary and Pre-school education, Timur Magsumov – Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology named by Z.Sharafutdinov

Honorary certificates of Naberezhnye Chelny Excom, Department for Youth were given to:

Anisa Ahmetshina – Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design, Boris Kiselev – Lead Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Computational Mathematics, Elvira Gibidinova – an International relations specialist of the Department of International relations, Fauziya Smirnova, Specialist in Methodological work, Department of Romano-Germanic languages and the Methods of teaching, Vasilya Gainullina, Head of service and resource-information at the library, Dmitry Ilkovsky – the system administrator of the center of the information technology.

After the ceremony, the teachers plunged into a charming atmosphere of the theater. The actors performed specially for NCSPU staff. The characters of the play by Leoinid Zorin “Warsaw Melody,” the professional acting touched everyone deeply.