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Today NCSPU administration held a retreat

The meeting was held in Building 2 NCSPU at 21, Batenchuk Street. The Institute for Development of Additional Professional Education is located there.

A. Galiakberova, NCSPU Rector presented L.Shakirova, the head of IAPE. L.Shakirova has a work experience in the sphere of education. She used to be a teacher of History, a methodologist in the sphere of IT in Chelny, she was a methodologist-sociologist in the Centre of Additional Professional Education in Tolyatti. Before she moved to a new position she had been a Head Teacher at Gymnasium 57.

After the meeting the university administration was provided a tour around the building. It used to be an academic building that belonged to Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism. NCSPU became responsible for the operational management of the academic building in July. It widened the range of the options for new undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. Besides it allows the university to develop an industrial pedagogical college as well.