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For prospective students: the peculiarities of the examination campaign - 2021

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Rosobrnadzor announced the decisions that had been taken for the procedure of the USE and SFC for the pupils of the 9-11 forms in 2021.

“These decisions were adopted in the interests of health and safety of all the participants and organizers of the examinations to reduce the epidemiological risks and make the final certification as safe as possible. During the examinations, all the measures will be taken…” commented Anzor Muzaev.

11th form

1.     Early examination for the students of the 11th form has been canceled in 2021.

2.     Finals for the prospective students will be held from May 31 till July 2, 2021.

3.     Additional period – from July 12 till July 17.

4.     The pupils who do not plan to enter universities will have final tests in Russian and Mathematics – from May 24 till May 28.

5.     The satisfactory result in the final examination in Russian will be enough for the prospective students.

6.     The basic Mathematics has been canceled this year.

7.     The exams in the elective subjects will be taken as per normal.

8.     The USE is supposed to be held from May 31 till July 2.

9.     Additional USE for those who missed the exam by reasonable exuses is planned to be held in the middle of July.

10. To be eligible to sit en exam, the schoolchildren should have a “pass” option in the composition.

11. The schoolchildren with disabilities will hold an exam in form of a Final State Exam