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NCSPU held a presentation of research projects

On 26, 29 November, the NCSPU held a presentation of the projects initiated by the NCSPU departments and research laboratories.

An expert panel headed by the NCSPU Rector Alfinur Galiakberova heard the results of the work of the research groups, including the projects that are being implemented as part of the state task, the National Scientific Center, and the Federal Innovation Platform.

Among the evaluation criteria were: the novelty, relevance , and the originality of the research work; the significance of the results for the development of the university and the regional systems of education in Russia; the level of practical relevance, the cogency of conclusions, and the argumentation of the suggestions and recommendations. There were 22 projects; among them there were also startups.

It should be noted that this work is carried out annually to monitor the scientific groundwork for further research with potential funding.