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NCSPU creative groups are winners and prizewinners of municipal festival “First-Year Students’ Day 2022

The municipal festival of student creativity brought together the brightest, the most talented, and proactive students from Naberezhnye Chelny. 

The festival has been held for many years and it has already become an annual tradition of the matriculation. The festival aims to identify and support the most talented students.

145 students from 13 educational establishments of Naberezhnye Chelny applied to participate in the festival. The student groups were competing in the following categories: music, theater, journalism/blogging, dancing, and novelty art.

Yesterday, the House of Culture “Energetik” held a gala show where the names of the winners of the festival were announced. The NCSPU students take part in the festival every year. This year was no exception.

The NCSPU drama studio “Street story” became a winner in the category “Theater”.

The NCSPU dancing group was ranked second in the category “Dancing”; the dancing group from the NCSPU InPeCo was ranked third.

The NCSPU press center “Inside” won three medal places in the category “Journalism”;

1place - Esenia Kuchko;

2 place - Alesha Viznyuk and Daniel Mukhametshin;

3 place - Diana Vasyunina, Vasilyi Kazakov.