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NCSPU student Salavat Rakhmatullin, member of an archeological club, got the title “The Intelligence of the Year”

A student of the NCSPU Faculty of History and Geography Salavat Rakhmatullin got the title “The Intelligence of the Year” of the municipal contest “The Student of the Year 2022”.

Salavat is a member of the NCSPU archeological club “Antiqua”. The members of the club have sessions in the laboratory of chemical and physical research at the NCSPU Technological Park of universal teacher competences.

Salavat Rakhmatullin:

“At the laboratory, we are working on the project “Reconstructive archeology: from analysis to practice”. First, we use the X-Ray unit. With the help of this equipment we can examine metal artifacts, their chemical composition, in particular. It is, surely, significant in examining the artifacts.”

The new knowledge, which Salavat gained due to his research, helped him impress the jury with his project and activities. The jury commended the enthusiasm of the student.

Salavat claims that science reveals new opportunities for him:

“Scientific activities are not only interesting but they are very generous. They are generous with wonderful friends from various part of our huge country I met. With the support from the NCSPU, there is always an opportunity to take part in the scientific conferences of the Republican, All-Russian and even International level”.