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Student of Industrial-Pedagogical College won three prize-winning places at Trans-Regional Taekwondo tournament

On 29 January, Saransk held the Trans-Regional Taekwondo tournament (ITF) named after Ravil Khalikov, the hero of the People’s Republic of Donetsk who was born in the village Belozorye, Romanovsky district, the Republic of Mordovia.

Nearly 200 athletes of all age-groups from five RF districts: Penza, Ryazan, Nizhegorodskaya Oblasts, Tatasrtan and Mordovia took part in the competitions. The program of the competitions included 7 disciplines; the strongest athletes were determined:

Fights – sparring

Technical complexes – techniques

Measuring the striking

Maria Eliseeva, a student of the NCSPU Industrial-Pedagogical College, won all the three prize-winning places. The sparring brought her the gold medal, the striking – silver, and in the last discipline she won the bronze medal.