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The pioneers of the 2023 Student Spring Talent Show: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science presented their performance which was based on the work of a famous Tatar playwright

The Festival “Student Spring Talent Show 2023” was opened by the NCSPU Faculty of Mathematics and Computer science. The students performed a comedy written by Tufan Minnullin “Four Bridegrooms for Dilyafruz”. There were mesmerizing dances, wonderful sets and costume designs – each detail was left to chance.

This year, “The Student Spring Talent Show” is dedicated to the Year of Educator and Mentor. During the performance, the audience was observing the development of romantic relationships between the main character Dilyafruz and a village school teacher Yamil.

Karima Gizatullina – a student, scriptwriter and director:

“Last year, quite unexpectedly, we discovered the world of Tatar performances. We tried to perform a play, got involved in it, learnt something and decided that we can show something bigger from the repertoire of the theater named after G.Kamal.

This year, we planned to present something light, funny and emotional. So we chose a romantic comedy with an important message – the choice of a life partner.

My biggest pride is the visual part of the performance: sets, lights and costumes. The main challenge was to build a village; it should have been different this year.

We managed to implement almost all our ideas; there is no aspect about it we regret. Some ideas had to be abandoned while we were rehearsing the play; but some new ideas came to mind. One of them was the banners with the characters on the background.”