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Internship for mathematics teachers at Technological Park

From 22 March until 23 March, the teachers of mathematics had their internship at the Technological Park as part of the further training courses. 

The internship was held under Elmira Galyamova, the Head of the NCSPU Department of Mathematics and Physics. The participants of the course were able to increase their soft skills through working with the Virtual Constructor “Live Math” solving mathematical problems. A digital complex “Simulator for learning a problem solving strategy” is a new technology which is aimed at improving the teachers’ soft skills. The users of this new software product were taught how to solve geometrical problems applying the virtual constructor. Under the guidance of a digital mentor, the participants who managed to solve a geometrical problem were able to start building a class material. According to the teachers, this software product allowed them to learn a problem solving strategy with the help of “Live Math”. They also worked on a digital teaching simulator. The teachers noted the relevance of this educational environment in the work with disabled children.