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Congratulations from Rector Alfinur Galiakberova on university birthdday

Dear professors, staff, students, post-graduate students of the Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University!


I sincerely congratulate you all on the birthday of our university! Today, the NCSPU is 33. On that beautiful day, it was founded to become the alma mater for many gifted people, real professionals. 

Our university has a rich and interesting history. It has moved from a branch to an independent classical teacher training university. Today, our university is a modern educational establishment having all the qualities: a wide range of areas of study and certified staff. Its modern educational environment such as the Technological Park of universal teacher competencies and the Quantorium allowed us to strengthen our research base. 

The best confirmation of the success is the demand for our graduates; their significant professional achievements and career growth. There are a lot of winners of the professional contests, recognized masters of their craft and gifted leaders among the NCSPU graduates. 

Dear colleagues, staff, students, I express my gratitude to you for your personal contribution to the development of our university. I wish you all to move forward, I wish you new prospects, creative ideas, bold decisions and, surely, good health!