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NCSPU professors share experience of teaching Russian as second language

On 26th May, 2023, the X International scientific and practical conference “Multi-level language training in the conditions of multicultural society” took place at Kazan State Institute of Culture; it was dedicated to the Year of Educator and Mentor.

The aim of the conference: new data exchange in the area of humanitarian training on the basis of modern research in the field of teaching foreign languages, linguistic and cultural studies, literary studies, pedagogy, psychology and linguistics. After the plenary meeting, the work continued in 7 sections.

One of the sections was dedicated to teaching Russian as a secondary language. Lena Brazhnik, Alexander Tarasov and Radik Galiullin, the NCSPU professors, gave presentations at this section. The representatives of the Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University presented their experience in using audio-visual equipment for teaching Russian to Arab students (from Algeria and Egypt).