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International students participate in round table discussion relating to combating corruption in the world

The international students of the NCSPU preparatory department took part in the workshop on “Major challenges in addressing corruption in the world”. The event was held as part of the educational work of the preparatory department.

The Head of the preparatory department Radik Galiullin gave a presentation; he told the students about the challenges that Russia faces in the fight against corruption and the ways of addressing the problems.

The international students told the participants about the problems of corruption in their countries and the measures that are undertaken by their governments. Simon Gonzales Gomez gave a presentation about the ways of combating corruption in Colombia, Joel Briggs Manu presented the experience of Nigeria in this field, and Galah Yusuf Samir Dahab summarized the main directions of fighting corruption in Egypt. The international students compared the experience of various countries in addressing the problems in this sphere and answered the questions.

Lena Brazhnik and Aleksander Tarasov, the professors of the NCSPU Department of Russian as a Second Language, took part in the work of the round table.