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Student trade union committee sums up the year

The primary trade union organization of students with the participation of NCSPU Rector Alfinur Galiakberova held a reporting meeting at NCSPU Technopark named after K.Valiev.

Dmitry Gavrilov, the chairman of the trade union organization, reported on the work done for 2023/24 academic year. The organization includes 7 committees, more than 1500 union members. The committees held more than 20 meetings which addressed various questions relating to coordination of the intra-university legislation, to holding the Schools of trade-union membership, to sending the members of the trade union organization to attend the Forums, workshops and contests.

The representatives of the trade union committee of the university demonstrated good results in the Republican contests “Student leader RT,” “The best trade union team RT.” The trade union committee took part in the holding of all university cultural and sports activities.

The mentoring program was also initiated by NCSPU student trade union committee.

NCSPU Rector Alfinur Galiakberova commended the work of the trade union organization and wished the students success in the new academic year. The agreement between the university administration and the primary trade union organization of students was signed which will regulate the social and partner relations.

The award ceremony took place during the meeting. The student activists were awarded the certificates of appreciation from the All-Russian education trade union.