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Rector meets with graduate students – participants of project “Russian teacher abroad”

Alsu Safina and Bulat Garifullin, the graduate students of Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University, returned home from Algeria. They are the participants of the humanitarian project “Russian teacher abroad.” During six months they taught Russian at the Centers for Open Education at University of El Oued and Algiers 2. They offered their students some insight into Russian culture, history, traditions and held literary soirees and contests.

NCSPU Rector Alfinur Galiakberova met with the graduated students; during the meeting they told the Rector about their impressions and shared their plans for the future.

Bulat Garifullin: “I am grateful to the university and to the Ministry of Education RF for the given opportunities. For us, novices, that was a valid teaching experience. We worked and lived in another country, in different realities: it tempers your spirit professionally. I would like to continue working for the project “Russian teacher abroad” at El Oued as I see the prospects for my further development in this area.”

Alsu Safina: “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Education RF for this wonderful project “Russian teacher abroad” as it gives every teacher the opportunity for personal and professional growth. As far as the work in Algeria is concerned, I would like to note that people love Russia there. People would like to learn more about Russian culture and history. They like the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky.”

The Rector thanked the graduate students for their work and wished them success and personal growth.