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International activity

The subjects of scientific research carried out on the basis of the University correspond to federal investigations.  The University has concluded agreements with many federal Universities and Scientific research institutes. New forms of presenting scientific results are being introduced.

Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University maintains permanent systematic communication with foreign Institutions, Universities and international associations.

The University conducts international cooperation with the following countries:

The French Republic:

International agreements with Universities

1) The University of Reims, Shampan – Ardennes. Cooperation agreement dated 10/26/2017.

2) The University of Cergy-Pontoise. University Pedagogical Institute of Versailles Academy. Cooperation agreement dated 10/19/2012. It was renewed on 10/19/2017.

Membership in International Associations and Organizations

1) French Embassy in Russia. The agreement on joining the linguistic net of the French language – RLF, 10/31/2017.

2) Association of International Cultural and Educational Cooperation “France – Volga”. Cooperation agreement dated 10/19/2012. It was renewed on 10/19/2017.

The Republic of Bulgaria:

1) New Bulgarian University, Sofia.  Cooperation agreement dated 10/05/2018. https://www.nbu.bg/

The Republic of Turkey:

1) Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Ankara. Cooperation agreement dated 03/01/2017.

2) İnönü University, Malatya. Memorandum of understanding on academic cooperation dated 01/14/2019.


1) Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Cooperation agreement dated 02/07/2014. The agreement is automatically renewed.

The Federal Republic of Germany:

1) Jeetzeschule in Salzwedel,  Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University experimental site the “Gymnasium named after V.V. Davydov”,  Naberezhnye Chelny.  Triple cooperation contract dated 11/30/2017.

The Italian Republic:  

1) University of Siena.  Cooperation agreement dated 11/11/2009. The agreement was renewed on    11/11/2014.      

The People’s Republic of China:   

1) The International Education Institute of Lanzhou University of Transport and Communication.  Cooperation agreement dated 12/12/2014.

The Republic of Belarus:   

1) Polesie State University.  Cooperation agreement dated 03/12/2015.


1) Modern Pedagogy Center “Learning without borders”, Montreal. International educational project “Pedagogy of the 21-st century” Cooperation agreement dated 04/20/2016.

The Republic of Uzbekistan:

1)  Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami.      Memorandum of understanding dated 11/20/2017.

2) Nukus State Pedagogical Institute Named After Ajiniyaz. Cooperation agreement dates 06/25/2019

The Republic of Austria: 

1) The III Institute for Intellectual Integrations.   Cooperation agreement dated 11/07/2017.

The Republic of Kazakhstan:

1) Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov. Cooperation agreement dated 10.27.2017.

2) Kazakh State Women Pedagogical University, Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Cooperation agreement dated 10.11.2018.

3) Baishev University, Aktobe, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Cooperation agreement dated 03.25.2019.

4) Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism. Cooperation agreement dates 12/01/2016

5) Branch of JSC “National Center of improvement qualification “Orleu” Institute of improvement qualification of pedagogical workers in the Aktobe region”.  Memorandum of understanding dates 06/17/2019

The Republic of Azerbaijan:

1) Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Memorandum of understanding dated 03/25/2018.

2) Azerbaijan Technical University. Cooperation agreement dated 03.27.2018.

3) Mathematics and Mechanics Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Baku. Memorandum of understanding dated 10/29/2018.

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

1) University Mohamed Boudiaf of M`Sila. Memorandum of understanding dates 09/24/2019

Official  receptions, visits and negotiations with foreign partners

1) Negotiations in Great Britain, Nottingham, 02/25 – 03/02/2019. Nottingham Trent University. Prospects for cooperation between NSPU and British researchers. Within the framework of further cooperation there was planned mutual work on organization of online exhibitions and conducting a series of round table discussions in which NSPU teachers and students would participate.

2) Negotiations with Reims University president Guillaume Gellé; with rector of Pedagogical Institutes of Reims University, Shampan–Ardennes Thierry Philippot. Discussion of the prospects of international cooperation with Reims University and educational institutions of the city of Troyes, France. April 23-30, 2019.

3) Negotiations with foreign partners at the annual “International Universities Networking Conference” (IUNC EURASIA 2019):

- Hulunbeier University, Hailar city, China;

- Federal University of Mato Grosso, the city of  Cuiabá, Brazil;

- pedagogical colleges and Universities of India.

4) Negotiations on signing of an agreement with Begin Group on participation in educational exhibitions and on-line- marketing.

International grant programs

1) Grant programs of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan “Algarysh”.

2) DAAD grants programs for the Russian Federation.

3) Competition for scholarships of the Russian Federation President for study abroad.

4) European Union programs “Erasmus Plus”.

5) Fulbright programs of scientific, educational and cultural exchanges.

6) Programs for teachers “EF International Language Centres”.

7) Program “rusticus Au-pair”. Language program in Germany in cooperation with the agency ‘Au-pair-World-Wide’.

8) Programs for learning English “ELS Educational Services International Pathways”.

9) The contest of French Institute  “Enseignant de demain 2018” (A teacher of the Future).

10) Mutual program with French Institute and International center of pedagogical investigations (CIEP) “Programme d’écange d’assistant de langue vivante. Partir comme assistant de russe 2018-2019” (Assistant of a Russian Language teacher).

NSPU participates in realization of the following international educational programs: “Erasmus +” German DAAD, grant programs of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan “Algarysh” and others.

The University created and successfully maintains the management educational structure. Sports and fitness work and promotion of physical training and healthy lifestyle are paid much attention to.