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Human Resources and Office Management is an independent subdivision of the university, ensuring the implementation of personnel policy and documentation support of the university. It carries out organizational and methodological management, coordination and control of the activities of the university  subdivisions in personnel matters, office work and archival matters.

The main tasks of Human Resources and Office Management include:

  • ensuring the image and status of the university as an attractive employer in the labor market;
  • development and implementation of local regulations in the field of personnel management, ensuring their compliance with university staff;
  • creation of a balanced system of material and non-material incentives for university employees aimed at achieving the goals and results of the university;
  • improving the system of awards and incentives for university employees for successful work;
  • organization of personnel records using electronic systems operating at the university;
  • development and examination of job descriptions of the university, maintaining a database of job descriptions;
  • organization of work on the employees and students personal data protection;
  • organization of personnel work with university students documents;
  • Ensuring the fulfillment by university employees the military duties established by federal law.