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University Library

The University library is located in the 1st and 2nd academic buildings, and it is 602 square meters.

The library fund comprises 183,866 books estimated by 1 January 2019. All students have access to educational, methodological, scientific literature, magazines, newspapers, reference books, encyclopedias.

There are two delivery desks to give out books.

The library provides two reading halls with 140 seats and computers available for students and the staff. There is free Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the library.

Students have free, unlimited access to the following e-databases:

- electronic library catalogue of NCSPU http://bibl.ngpi.net:81/cgi-bin/zgate.exe?init+test.xml,simple.xsl+rus;

- electronic library system IPR BOOKS www.iprbookshop.ru;

- electronic library U-Rait https://biblio-online.ru/;

- East View resources http://dlib.eastview.com/, to 24 electronic copies of    periodicals;

- portal Polpred.com Обзор СМИ https://polpred.com/news;

- archives of foreign scientific journals of the National Electronic Information Consortium http://archive.neicon.ru;

- National Electronic Library (NEL) https://нэб.рф/;

- Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU https://elibrary.ru.

The University website provides access to library resources in the section “Library”.