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Undergraduate Student

Educational and extracurricular activities in NСSPU are realized according to the legal acts of federal and regional authorities, the Statute of University, University Development Program, adopted by Academic Council, Educational Activity Program, and Extracurricular Activity Plan for an academic year.

The mission of the University is to provide conditions for students’ physical, moral and professional development as future teachers.

The University is aimed at realizing educational aims, providing social and psychological support for students. Teacher-student cooperation within university programs and extracurricular activities creates an environment for student personal development.

The system of patriotic upbringing is well-developed in the university. The  NCSPU keeps to the traditions and customs of the Motherland, boosts the feeling and expression of love for home country, along with a feeling of unity with the university and attachment to its goals.

Students’ volunteering is one of the basic university activities. There are different directions of this activity: volunteers’ work with disadvantaged people; molding a student with healthy life style; preventive work in the field of social care. This work is realized by the volunteer union “Dari Dobro”. One more aspect of the university activity is blood donation campaigns. In 2018 more than 250 students took part in the campaigns.

The university focuses on the intellectual development of its students. The program “Intellectual League of IQmania” is one of students’ extracurricular activities. One more field of the Intellectual League is the Club of Parliament Debates named “Dixi”. The modern teacher is expected to have knowledge in different spheres of life, he needs to express thoughts clearly, stand one’s position, be quick to react to questions.

Student self-government body contributes to students’ development. The student government body has three basic functions. It establishes democratic interrelationship among students; it serves as the means of social and legal self-defence; it provides conditions for creative activity in academic, scientific and cultural spheres.  

There are social communities at the University which unite the students of different faculties and groups: University Student Council, Student Trade Union Committee, Student Dormitory Council, Student Press Centre “Inside’, Sports Club “Berkut”, Student Research Society, Student Work Teams, Youth Security Service, Volunteer Union “Dari Dobro”, Intellectual League “IQmania”, Anti-corruption Committee “Maximum”, Search Party.

Student Creative Activity Society is responsible to implement the objectives of the university related to social and personal competence. Every year more than 120 students take part in the creative activity. The ensemble “Nastroenie”, the choir “Vdokhnovenie”, the theatre “PedVed”, dance studio “Asteria” more than once became champions and prizewinners of  such contests as “First year student Day”, “Student Spring”.

Student Press Centre “Inside” unites student paper “Platforma”, photographers, young journalists and cameramen union. Their creative work is aimed at revealing students life and highlighting the University hot news.

The University Sport is represented by 9 kinds of sports such as women and men volleyball, women basketball, men basketball, ski race, wrestling, arm wrestling, swimming, taekwondo. There is a great number of prize-winners and champions of the Olympic Games, World championships, All-Russia championships. Some of them are the members of Russia and Tatarstan national teams in taekwondo, wrestling, swimming, and sports acrobatics. The Curriculum includes Physical Education classes as well as Elective Courses on Physical education and sport.

The University provides comfortable living conditions for overseas students. The Campus includes Student dormitory, canteens, a buffet, a modern fitness center “H2O” and a stadium.  Free Internet access is available on the Campus territory.

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