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Welcome to NCSPU

The students from France are taking their training at school №42 (NCSPU Department)

The French students started getting acquainted with the system of secondary education in Russia. During this week, they will take their training at school №42 under the guidance of the NCSPU Department which is located there.

22 Января, 2020

NCSPU student won the Grand Prix “The Student of the Year in 2019”

The Naberezhnye Chelny Palace of Celebrations held the prize awarding ceremony of the contest “The Student of the Year in 2019”. 36 participants qualified for the finals, 14 of them were the winners in their categories.

21 Января, 2020

Students from France on a guided tour through the old part of Chelny

Exploring Naberezhnye Chelny with the foreigners is, probably, one of the most complicated tasks of the guide. To satisfy the demanding taste of the people who have travelled a lot is very time-consuming and almost impossible. 
21 Января, 2020