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Welcome to NCSPU

Springs are being protected by the NCSPU environmental society “Eco-Club”

The members of the club launched an action “Clear springs – clear water”.

16 Апреля, 2021

“Dolore” performed by the Faculty of Philology: the second day of the contest “Student Spring Talent Show – NCSPU” is over

The United States. The 80s. Two absolutely different worlds mix in the most unexpected way. How can you remain true to oneself when your world is changing irrevocably?

16 Апреля, 2021

NCSPU student Sofia Tsander is a prize winner of the All-Russia English Language and Intercultural Communication Olympiad

The two-phase Olympiad was a challenging competition for the student of the Faculty of History and Geography, trained in Geography and Foreign Languages.

15 Апреля, 2021