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Training future teachers, beginning at a secondary level: first classes

On October 1st, two schools in Naberezhnye Chelny, two schools in Nizhnekamsk launched teacher training classes. It was initiated by the Ministry of Education RF.

NCSPU signed a cooperation agreement with 6 schools in Naberezhnye Chelny and in Nizhnekamsk. The target group of the project is the schoolchildren from classes 8-10. The aim of the psychological and pedagogical classes is to identify the vocation oriented pupils and form their readiness for self-definition.

The first classes have been held at school №16 in Nizhnekamsk and at school №42 in Chelny. 

Albert Nigamaev, Associate Professor of the NCSPU Department of History, PhD in History, gave his first class to the schoolchildren in Nizhnekamsk. It should be noted that school №16 formed a specialized history-based psychological and pedagogical class. The professor told the students about the field research, the NCSPU students held an archeological quest.

Marina Gumerova, PhD in Pedagogy, Head of the NCSPU Department of Pedagogy, gave an introductory class to the schoolchildren of school №42. The issues relating to pedagogy, its tasks, and importance were given in an interactive form.

According to Marina Gumerova, the classes will be held in various formats: 

“There will be games, project activity, working as counselors, excursions to the university, contests, Olympiads, and conferences. Each teacher will hold their trainings. For example, the orator skills trainings, project activities and so on. In short, we’ll help the schoolchildren to be confident, work in a team, give presentations, and do the research.”