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Alina Shaikhattarova, an NCSPU student, is among the winners of the International competition “The Student of the Year”

Annually, on the initiative of the project Interclover.ru, the International competition “The student of the Year” is held. It is aimed at publicly recognizing the students’ achievements and various skills.

The competition was held online this time. The organizers and experts analyzed the information and assessed the students’ portfolios in 13 categories: “An International Student of the Year,” “The Young Researcher,” “The Athlete of the Year,” “The Young Innovator,” “The Monitor of the Year,” “The best in Arts,” “The Social Activist,” “The Creative Personality,” “The Volunteer of the Year,” “The Blogger of the Year,” “The Breakthrough of the Year,” “The Leader of the Year,” “The Creative work of the Year.” 

Alina Shaikhattarova, a fifth-year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, was a participant in the category “The Leader of the Year.” 

Alina participates in the social and scientific life of the university: she is a member of the Student Scientific Society, a participant of various International and All-Russia Forums, conferences and Olympiads.

 Based on the results of the International competition “The Student of the Year,” Alina Shaikhattarova was awarded a third class diploma in the category “The Leader of the Year.”

 Alina Shaikhattarova: 

“I was pleased to get such an honorable prize. Despite the difficulties of the year 2020, I tried not to lose any opportunity: I participated in various International, All-Russia, municipal programs: conferences, hacathons, Olympiads, forums and workshops. I developed my professional skills, did the courses and also took part in projects and some research. I am happy that the jury highly estimated my intensive efforts and my work during the year. I would like to express my gratitude to the professors for their contribution, help and support. Special thanks to K.Murzakova, my tutor".